Agency Care Plans

Agency Care Plans

The five specific ways we offer care from Home Care, Home Health, to Continuous care, which we call full spectrum supportive care  include: Personal Care, Fall Risk Care, Social Service, Therapy, and Skilled Nursing.

Personal Care Services: 24/7 On-Call Care, Nightly Care, Analysis and Advocate Assistance, Hourly Care, Weekend Care, and Surgery Recovery Follow Up Care

Fall Risk Care Services: Risk Factor Assessment, Home or Resident Evaluation, Medication Review, Implement Balance Independence, and Techniques Customized Mobility Program

Social Service Assistance: Community Resource Coordination Assistance, Financial Aid & Scholarship Program, Crisis Intervention, and Family Coaching and Spiritual Counseling

Affiliate Therapy Assistance: Aid in Walking, Fall Prevention, Increase in Endurance, Strength, and Mobility, Evaluate Cognitive Abilities, and Help with Speech

Skilled Nursing Services: Compassionate Care, Disease Management, Post-Surgical Care, Personal Care, Assistance Tailored Care Measures, Pulmonary Care, Care Coach Extended Care, and Spiritual Extended Family Care

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