Agency Staff

Our team of professionals is ready to go to work as they each develop and implement specialized care according to their different disciplines. Each office and field staff member brings forth every effort to help clients and their families. We would not be where we are today without another member of our team, that we have not mentioned yet, our wonderful Volunteers.

Our Volunteers help in the office and during events. They prepare the following: New Client Portfolios; File Client Forms; Set Up Tables at Job Fairs; Work at our Tents during Health Week; and so much more.  All staff could not do what needs to be done every day without the assistance of our awesome Volunteers.

Special thanks go out to all our staff to include our  Volunteers; thank you for all the many things that you do!!!

Just to recap, once we receive a referral to bring a client on service, our team goes right to work. We will come out and meet with the patient and family; talk with a client's Attending Physician; develop and implement an individualized care plan; follow a client's monthly schedule; provide help with filling out forms; and continue to provide services and be on-call after hours if needed.

At ComfortHome our team is trained to provide unique care package plans to meet the requests of the clients and their families. Our team's collective mission to make contacts in the community; provide classes; host seminars; care for patients/clients, and get involved in community projects.   

Our motto that we stand by is:

“Place your Comfort in our Care!”