ComfortHome Caregivers, LLC


Service Offerings

Our corporation's #1 goal is to reach out to meet the needs of others in the community. Our service offerings are provided below, which include: Home Health and Hospice Agency, Caregiver Agency, Additional Team Services, Internship Program, Module Certificate of Training Program, and Sitter Service Membership Program.

HOME HEALTH & HOSPICE AGENCY - Certified and Trained Nurses, HHAs, Care Coaches, Social Workers, Caregivers, Counselors, and Chaplains, providing per service package, Supportive Care

CAREGIVER AGENCY – Trained Caregivers and Community Liaisons providing per care plan Meal Preparation, Transportation, Medication Reminders, Companionship, and Light House Keeping

ADDITIONAL TEAM PROVIDED SERVICES - Additional After Hours and On-Call Aid, Family Support, Educational Classes, Memorial Services, and Funeral Services

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM - Internship and Externship program for volunteers who are majoring in Business, Social Work, and Nursing providing hours toward graduation and work experience

MODULE CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING PROGRAM - Hour Courses offering online training

SITTER SERVICE MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM - Sitters Network providing training courses and membership opportunities

We provide a unique package plan that is individualized to meet the client and his/her family needs. Each client's service package is tailored to best fit their specific care plan. We offer sessions of 3, 5, 8, 12, and 24-hour care. Within those time slots, the patient/client tells the team exactly what tasks they would like us to perform per visit and we follow the day and time set schedule.

Our team is ready to go to work to help clients and their families and offer after hour on-call service as needed.

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