ComfortHome Caregivers, LLC


Care Plan Options

We believe that all clients have the right to specify when they would like for a Home Health staff member to come for a visit. Thus, once we get an order for care, we will ask the patient and family when is the best time for our team to come each week for a visit. We want to meet the needs of the individual where they reside and the way that best suits their schedule.

We offer 3, 5, 8, 12, and 24-hour home health services. Additionally, we also offer light housekeeping, laundry, meals, wheelchair walks, and even helping-hand walks in the park.

Our corporation has the largest service plan options to choose from. Our care package plans provided are among: 3 Hour Sessions Set Day(s), 5Hours Sessions Set Day(s), 8 Hour Sessions Set Day(s), 12 Hour Sessions Set Day(s), 24 Hour Sessions Set Day(s), Saturday Day or Night or Set Saturdays (Any Hr), Sunday Day or Night or Set Sundays (Any Hr), Set Day Hours (Any Hr), Set Night Hours (Any Hr), Friday-Monday (Any Hr).

We also offer Travel Companionship, Errand Run Assistance, and Transportation whether we ride along with a family/client and/or the client rides with us to an appointment. Transportation by itself starts at $28/hour. Yet, if a part of a service plan, transportation is no additional charge, which is a great offering to clients.