ComfortHome Caregivers, LLC


Specialist Services

Client Package Plans are set by the Client and Caretaker (family point of contact and/or guardian). At our agency, Clients and Caretakers are a part of our team. We would not be complete with our team, without clients and their families. Therefore, once a referral is sent to our office, we go immediately to work for that individual. Our extended specialty supportive care offering is in the following areas: Respite Care, Palliative Care, Hospice Care, Companionship, Community Advocate, and Bereavement.

Upon receiving a referral, we contact the Territorial Agency Representative, a.k.a Community Liaison, that will provide the initial intake. Meanwhile, we will contact the patient/client's Attending Physician, who will be medically directing our team. Once we receive orders and POC (Plan of Care), we will go right to work setting up the assigned team.

During our Social Worker and/or Care Coach initial visit, we will assess the case, help to go over forms, discuss options, review the client's specific care plan, and set up the monthly visit calendar with the client and their family. Once everything is in place, our team will go to work for the client and family visiting according to the client's set monthly schedule.

Our Nurses and HHAs will follow up as they check a patient/client; review the chart information; look over the particular illness of the client; assess medications that need to be continued per doctor’s orders; and order the equipment that will need to be purchased and sent to the client.

If there are additional services to be provided, a Caregiver will come on board the team assigned to this patient/client. The activities of daily living services being requested, which include companionship, meal preparation, medication reminders, light cleaning, errand runs, and/or transportation will need to be set up and approved to begin this additional care support.

Additionally, if spiritual counseling is requested, we will set this up with our Counselors and Chaplains who are ready to go out and help those who request assistance. They will come on board and be a part of the team to offer support; be there for the client and family if they feel they would like to be spiritually uplifted or receive prayer; be there at final moments to help the family cope with what has happened; provide and/or attend memorial and celebration of life ceremonies; provide and/or attend funerals, and continue to meet with the family and extend support.

ComfortHome is unique as we genuinely remain in contact and help the family for thirteen (13) months of bereavement. Throughout this time Counselors and Chaplains continue to be with the family and offer courses and educational classes, attend support group events, visit with the family, and support the Caretaker through this time in their life.